What The Peaches Designs 

Skills Include:

  • Architecture
  • Flowers and Nature
  • Historical Pieces
  • Use of Vibrant Colours
  • Custom pieces to suit your space

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About What The Peaches

Jenny Lewis  is an artist that resides in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Having graduated from Kwantlen University in 2006 with a Diploma in Fine Arts, Jenny has spent the past 9 years creating artwork using a variety of mediums such as oil paint, watercolor and acrylic ink on multiple surfaces.

Having a passion for architecture, nature, and British Columbia’s history and aboriginal heritage, there is a strong reflection of these aspects in her art. Combining her love of vibrant rich colors, Jenny’s pieces are tasteful, modern, and eye catching.

Jenny has many influences but has always been a fan of Johannes Vermeer and admires his ability to share moments from his life with a great attention to detail and lighting.